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Bespoke rowing blazers

Responsible Fashion

All Collier & Robinson blazers are handmade in our workshop in Henley-on-Thames following the traditional and original Henley blazer design. We are a small, happy company with a mutual respect for each other and our suppliers.

All our blazers are made on site in Henley-on-Thames. We do not 'outsource' to any third party so you can be assured of the provenance of your Collier & Robinson blazer and the working environment in which it is lovingly made.

We only use British suppliers, all of whom we have excellent working relationships with.

At Collier & Robinson we care for our environment and are fully committed to recycling and are part of the textile recycling scheme.

Collier & Robinson provide jobs for those in the local community as well as apprenticeship schemes for students.

Cutting Hampton School BC Blazers

Cutting Hampton School BC Blazers

" just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for making my blazer in time for our annual dinner on Saturday evening. It is a perfect fit and everyone commented on the high quality of your work."
Old Chelmsfordian, England

Carlton CCC

Carlton CCC

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