How to Measure

How to Measure for your blazer

A-B: Blazer length This measurement is taken from the base of the collar down the centre back of the blazer to the desired finish length.

C-D: 1/2 across Back Place the tape measure at the centre of the back, between the shoulder blades and take it out towards the armhole. Read off the measurement at the seam were the sleeve is sewn into the armhole of the blazer.

E-F: Sleeve length With the arm straight, place the tape measure at the top of the sleeve taking it down the outside of the arm to read off the desired finished length of the sleeve.


G: Chest/Bust Place the tape measure over the most protuding point of your shoulder blades, bring it up and under the arms and around over the fullest part of the chest/bust (generally speaking, this is at nipple point) so that the tape measure meets again at the centre front of your chest. Take off this measurement and enter it in the box above.

H: Waist Place the tape measure around your waist and read off this measurement.
Men: This measurement is NOT the top of your trousers but your true waist which is the fullest part of your stomach.
Women: The measurement taken around your waistline.

I: Seat/Hip This measurement is taken around the widest part of your hips ensuring that the tape measure is also over the most protruding part of the seat.

J-K: Shoulder This measurement is taken across the top of the shoulder. Place the tape measure were the collar is sewn on to the blazer out across the shoulder seam to the top of the sleeve. Take off the measurement were the shoulder seam ends at the point were it meets the top of the sleeve.